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Our Mission:

The Iranian-American Cultural Association of Missouri (IACA-MO) is a non-profit organization consisting of Iranian-Americans and other concerned Missourians who strive to promote human rights and tolerance, and engage in educational activities to increase awareness among policymakers and the public.

The Association organizes events, takes part in civic/political/cultural gatherings, engages governmental and non-governmental organizations, works closely with human rights organizations, religious leaders, and community organizers to promote and preserve cultural wealth of the Iranian Diaspora community, while helping to facilitate democracy in Iran.

IACA-MO is active in the media, as its members have published many commentaries, conducted interviews, and have appeared on various shows.

IACA-MO strives to act as a bridge between the heritage and culture of Iran and modern day America. We strive to educate the public, composed of both Americans and second generation Iranians, about Iranian culture, politics, and day-to-day life. We cherish the rich history and culture of Iran, focusing on the human rights situation and democracy movement there, while doing our utmost to contribute to the development and progress in the United States.

Our Activities:

We invite other Iranian-American communities in joining us to celebrate cultural and traditional occasions such as Mehregan, Charshanbe Suri (Festival of Fire), Nowruz (Persian New Year), Sizdeh Bedar, as well as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter and other American and Iranian cultural events. By inviting key speakers to speak at events, we aim to educate the Iranian community about the Iranian culture, history, and politics and get them involved in political and policy discussions, while educating the American public about those issues.

We encourage community involvement in the political process by organizing meetings with a bipartisan group of Members of Congress, State representatives and senators, religious leaders, business community, think tanks, colleges, and other educational institutions

We organize press conferences, seminars, rallies, cultural and political discussions, meetings, concerts, and community workshops.